// Birth of the BrainKids

Note: This was the original ‘About’ page written in January 2009. It will serve as an archive of the beginnings of this blog.

This blog was created to record the annals of Berny’s adventures sailing down the bizarre river of her own creative juices. It will record her heroic attempts to beat the many-headed serpent of unrefined heartbreak and resist the temptations of the siren song of artistic procrastination. Hopefully, it’ll be updated every day or two with a new doodle, photograph, poem or, if actually Berny-ly possible without being too self-indulgent and emo, prose.

[Thanks to Zix for the name. You are immortalised in BrainKids history. I name your hamster, you name my blog – fair is fair.]

[I also kind of hate Ben now for motivating my foray into the elitist WordPress. My brain is not developed enough for the CSS geekdom.]

[In case anyone doesn’t get the title i.e. Pok: brain child –> brain children –> domain name unavailable –> brain kids]


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