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When I started this blog in January 2009, it was meant to serve as a motivation for “systematised creativity”. I wanted to provide myself with a reason – an obligation – to continue creating. I wanted to force myself to mould certain feelings and states-of-mind into poems or photographs, instead of letting them fester. I wanted to document my ideas so that I wouldn’t forget them and subsequently abandon them. Most of all, I wanted to showcase all my ideas, good or bad, as part of my own belief in the importance of the creative process.

As I write this new ‘About’ page three years and hundreds of posts later, I realise that these statements are all still valid. This would be the third time that I am revamping this blog (not including all the little tweaks here and there), but its essence still remains. Perhaps what I create is different from what I first started out with, shaped by the experiences and assignments of my studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York, or by the changes in my own personal life and my self. But I will continue to use this blog as a record, and I will not regret anything that I have and will post, no matter how much effort was put in or how polished it is.

This blog is, sincerely and emphatically, a map of my creative memory.


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