The Move to Animation (and its Subsequent Demise) II

In my previous post, I included two possible voiceovers for my now-defunct animation project – a dialogue, and a soliloquy. I decided to go with the soliloquy because it felt much more honest. I started exploring different methods and mediums for visualising the narrative. The first experiment I did was to do a semi-musical score comparing the pitch changes in both my American and Singaporean voices. This refers back to both this work and this work that I did in sophomore year.

Okay so I wanna do a video piece

I took the text from the second work that I linked to above.

I wasn’t sure whether this was going to work, so I decided to go back to the text that I had written and try to draw out the “mechanics” of the narrative, in order to give myself an idea of what I could do visually:



I went on to explore how I could visually represent the phrase: “I have to use the Other in order to define myself.” This is what I came up with, in three different mediums:

In my next post, I’ll discuss how I went further into all three mediums, and what problems I encountered after that.

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