Exploring Diagrams as Depictions of the Self II

After that short detour into the ‘Infographic about the Infographic,’ I continued in search of a more holistic and consistent approach to diagrams. If I remember correctly, at the time I was thinking about how I needed this kind of internal impetus to create any kind of infographic, so I tried to visualise all these ‘dynamics’ and ‘thought processes’ that kept surfacing in my mind. The problem with this is that it’s not a dependable resource for diagrams. But in any case, I went back to the large sheets of paper and did more and more doodles:

DSC_2801 small

These are fine as mini-diagrams/illustrations that I might even compile in future, but it was far too simplistic compared to what I really wanted out of my own diagrams. I was advised to bring in ‘real-life inspiration’ rather than simply plucking general topics and emotions and thoughts out of thin air. This was me trying to explore certain themes with more specificity:

DSC_2802 small

The most important part of this is the whole area on the left. This was where I began exploring my personal relationship language, a theme that I had dabbled in for previous assignments. Of course, the issue again was that I couldn’t tear myself away from actually writing in prose (even in Mandarin!) while trying to visualise all the intersections of different languages/voices that I use. But this was an important milestone in all my explorations, because it set me on the path that I still am on now and which I will blog about at a later date.

Below is an aside project that was kind of an extension of the ‘Infographic about the Infographic.’ I was trying to illustrate yet again the frustrations and futility of the problem-solving process. If you look closely, there are even tiny illustrations of an androgynous figure that is victim of the situation and at times almost removing itself from it (‘going meta,’ perhaps). It was too cutesy for my liking!

DSC_2805 small


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