Confessions about Confessing: Infographic Draft

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be publishing a series of posts about the work that I’ve been trying to develop since Fall 2012. It will be a long and winding road that eventually kind of circles back to the start.

At the start of the fall semester last year, I decided to pursue an independent study with my poetry professor from sophomore year, Gregory Donovan. It was meant to be a focus on writing – trying to find my voice, my style, what I like/don’t like, what I want to improve on – and reading a number of books that relate to my writing. My writing has always been confessional, drawing from my experiences, emotions, thoughts, etc. So I started reading St. Augustine, Virginia Woolf, Fernando Pessoa, Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Siri Hustvedt, Jean-Jacques Rousseau… Each one I read, there was always something off, something I didn’t want to pursue in my own writing.

Below is the first step in the breaking away of the independent study from just a straightforward writing intensive. This was done quite early in the semester, when I was really trying to figure out why I was having such a problem with writing, and what exactly was stopping me. I started creating this flowchart to explore all the what-ifs, the fears, the insecurities that were preventing me from writing. I continued to work on this, although it soon evolved into something bigger, or at least something different. I’ll post about its evolutions in the next few days.



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