Visual & Critical Studies Event Posters 2012-13

Yet again, I’ve left my blog dormant for far too long. I’m going to start updating again this summer (starting with this post), partly because I want to review all that I’ve done this past school year as a means to clear my head for the steps ahead. After all, I’m approaching my final year at school, and I already have a few ideas for my thesis that I’ll be working on in the next few months.

I’m starting off slow with a review of all the posters that I’ve designed for Visual & Critical Studies events over the past year. These are just the digital versions; all of these except for the VCS Open Studios posters were eventually screenprinted by VCS alum Shannon Broder. It’s interesting that despite this being almost just a side project for me, I’ve actually started to refine my design aesthetic – making it cleaner, and even in some cases incorporating rudimentary elements of the grid system. Graphic design won’t ever be something I’ll pursue full-time, but it’s a valuable skill and a therapeutic process for me.

Anyway, here they are in chronological order!



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