Istanbul Infographic V: Photographs

I shot a lot more photos in Istanbul than I had anticipated. In fact, I shot so many that I had to buy a new memory card. I really wanted to incorporate my photos into my series somehow, and when I realised how many photos I had of blue skies and blue seas, I decided to create an infographic based on the colour schemes of my photographs, with an added factor of indoor/outdoor settings. The issue I had with the way I collated the information was that I didn’t actually use any computer programme to determine the colour scheme, but instead used arbitrary classifications based on my “gut”. I had to come up with a very random category called “Mixed” for all the photos that didn’t have a dominant warm or cool colour. Even though the information is presented in a rational, finite way, the methodology was in fact, well, up to my whims and fancies.

Nevertheless, I could still attribute certain reasons to the anomalies in the data, which I included in the final graph. For example, Day 2 had a lot of indoor neutral photographs because of the marble and stone artefacts in the Archaeological Museums. Most of the photographs shot on Day 11 were outdoors because we took a day trip to the Princes’ Islands, and most of those photos were blue because we were out at sea most of the time.

It was pointed out to me that I could have designed this in a way that didn’t make the viewer do so much math (e.g. having to do 63-20= 43 blue photographs or something along those lines). I agree that it’s not the most user-friendly representation. However, I’m not prepared to overhaul the whole system. I think it would require a vast rethinking of the aesthetics of the piece, at least in my mind.

The text in this one is a little small so you might want to click on the image for a slightly larger version or do some zooming in in your browser of choice.

*This is the fifth in a series of posts on infographics that I created after completing a summer program in Istanbul. Check out the first post for a bit more information about the project.


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