Istanbul Sketchbooks IV: Moleskine

This summer programme was as good an opportunity as any other for me to finally buy and use a classic pocket Moleskine. This was my favourite sketchbook to use of the four, and the one I used most frequently. There’s just something about the way it fits in my hand that gives me a kind of confidence at filling the page. I feel like I can really handle the subject matter, and there’s an intimacy about the drawings that I enjoy. In addition, it felt really natural to me to fill the pages with my musings, and then turn the page and draw something, and then write again on the same page. It’s definitely a habit that I can see myself continuing (in fact, I am using a Moleskine for my writing now).

Click through the gallery to see the twenty pages that I picked, and some comments about them.

*This is the fourth and last in a series of posts about the drawings and sketches that I did during a three-week summer programme in Istanbul. Check out my first post on my Istanbul infographic project for more information.

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