Istanbul Infographic IV: Ephemera

With all my infographics, I struggle a lot of what colours to choose. I always want to retain an aesthetic that is reminiscent of early graphic design, which means limiting my colour palette and choosing colours that have equal parts vibrance and “faded-ness”. This piece was the most overtly “retro” of all my infographics in this series.

The basic idea of this piece was simply to create something out of all the random tickets, brochures, maps etc. that I had collected during my three weeks in Istanbul. Because a simple pie chart would have been too easy, I decided to do a mini-analysis of each type of ephemera. For example, I created a model classifying the 5 maps, and I replicated the most common design of the entrance tickets.

Although my works might look complex sometimes, I really create all of these based on basic math and whatever I can come up with using the tools in Illustrator. Most other professional designers who create data visualisations use actual programming mumbo-jumbo, whereas I work with an Excel sheet, mental calculations, and my eye. So of course it was an amazing revelation when I realised that instead of creating a pie chart in Excel, pasting it in Illustrator, and tracing the circle, Illustrator actually has a pie chart tool. Yes. I was pretty much floored by that discovery.

Nevertheless, working with very basic building blocks in order to create my infographics is an integral part of my process. I am always grappling with the information and trying to translate it directly into a legible, rational, and aesthetically pleasing form. Because I am trying to figure everything out mentally, it feels like I am understanding and coming to terms with my experiences as I am organising, classifying, calculating, drawing rectangles, picking fonts…

*This is the fourth in a series of posts on infographics that I created after completing a summer program in Istanbul. Check out the first post for a bit more information about the project.


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