Istanbul Infographic III: Grand Bazaar

In the vein of the second infographic, I created this with a fairly straightforward data set, and made it into something almost like a satire of the self. The Grand Bazaar is one of the major tourist attractions/traps in Istanbul, and was built during the Ottoman era as a central area for vendors of all sorts. If you know which shops to go to, it can be very rewarding. While the average tourist goes there once, maybe twice, I ended up going there four times for a variety of reasons. I decided to create a more conventional infographic using all these random statistics that I remembered or had made note of about all my trips to the Bazaar, including the meals I had, what I bought, how much money I spent, etc. Note that most of the items I bought were gifts, and yet I still managed to spend almost half of my money on myself…

Because it was such a simple idea, I really wanted to infuse some of the aesthetic of the bazaar into my piece. Therefore, I chose a colour scheme based on the painting ceilings of the bazaar, and created a border based on the motifs that are painted on said ceiling. If I were crazier I might have even created tiny graphical representations of all the items I had bought…

*This is the third in a series of posts on infographics that I created after completing a summer program in Istanbul. Check out the first post for a bit more information about the project.


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