Istanbul Infographic II: Stationery

This piece only has a tangential link with anything that actually happened in Istanbul, but I thought the “data” was ripe for visualisation. As I was packing and preparing for a programme focused on drawing, I was trying to prepare for any possible scenario – e.g. using up an entire pencil, wanting to experiment with a number of different mediums. So I ended up bringing way too many stationery items, most of which I did not use. I thought it would be interesting to do really geometric yet recognisable graphics of all the items (which was pretty easy once I took photos of all of them), and arrange them according to what I brought, what I ended up using, and the lone set of colour pencils that I bought while I was there.

This would have to be the most humorous of the infographics I created. Subconsciously, I was making fun of my own obsessive and paranoid personality. I say subconsciously because the humour was only pointed out to me during the critique session, and I honestly went into this thinking only that it would be a great, straightforward data set. But it is funny that the act of packing this much stationery was obsessive, which bled into the arrangement of the images on the page, and I even spent a significant amount of time thinking about whether I should label the items, and how I should label them.

Whenever I show my infographics to people who know me, they always say, “This is your brain.”

*This is the second in a series of posts on infographics that I created after completing a summer program in Istanbul. Check out the first post for a bit more information about the project.



  1. Zix

    I love this!! Probably because I love stationery. Also, I just posted a link to your blog on mine in a very gushy manner.

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