I Feel Your Pain – Poster Design

Yesterday I posted a few of my posters that I did for events presented by the Visual and Critical Studies department at SVA, including this Communist propaganda/Obama Hope poster-inspired one:

It was designed for a performance commissioned for Performa 11 Called I Feel Your Pain, it was devised by the very very very talented Liz Magic Laser, an amazing and seamless live act stringing together excerpts from political interviews as the wholesale dialogue for a satirical romantic drama. The results were unexpectedly humorous, oftentimes tragically so given the current state of politics in the United States, and I was glad to have been witness to it. You can see a short version of it below.

[vimeo 35960450]

Anyway, my poster – one of the designs I’m most proud of in my short and sporadic career as amateur graphic designer – caught the eye of Liz herself. For her solo show at the Derek Eller Gallery a few months back, she was presenting a taped version of I Feel Your Pain and wanted to create an edition of silkscreened posters. She approached me to design the poster based on my own design as well as some photo collages that she had been working on, with an underlying Russian Constructivist aesthetic. I was to use photos from the event, and motifs relating to projections/screens (live feed was part of the performance after all). I revised it quite a few times but in the end we were both pleased with how it turned out! My senior Shannon Broder printed an edition of 50.

Click through the gallery to see how the design progressed!



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