After Dong Qi Chang

Posted a shitty picture of my final Japanese woodblock print months ago, and finally got round to uploading a hi-res scan. For some reason I just could not get the printing right – I spent a lot of money on proper raw pigment, used the right wood, tried basically everything, and still could not get the nice smooth planes of colour that you see in traditional ukiyo-e. It was a pretty traumatic experience.

It’s called ‘After Dong Qi Chang (董其昌)’ because I based it on a painting by the Ming Dynasty Chinese painter who was known for, among other things including some of the fundamental theories of Chinese art history, his awkward mountain/rock shapes. Below is the original painting, entitled ‘Landscape in the Manner of Old Masters’. I cropped part of the main mountain form and made it into an abstract meteor/shrivelled-up-heart sort of shape. I’ll post the original blocks tomorrow!


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