Portfolio Review 2012

Comments from the professors who did my portfolio review:

“Your work is very diverse, but that’s not a negative thing—as it seems you’re in an experimental phase. There appears to be a thread running throughout: What is your interest in systematizing and seriality, and related to that, what is your fascination with language and identity? Plumb that.

As with the infographic about The Wasteland, you’re trying to dissect what you like or what you are processing via a cross-examination. Also you do this with: The exercise on Vermeer, made with photocopied reproductions of the master’s paintings, which plot the fall of light from a window onto a woman’s face; the series depicting a scene from Dante’s inferno, but with demons from Buddhism replacing original figures; and your literal study in formal reconfiguration with a wax sculpture of hangers cut up and reassembled.

One of your strongest pieces, also in this typological vein, is the series about paradoxical mindsets: the letterpress is a great medium for presenting a psychological study about impossible objects or incongruent phenomena. These letterpress prints, along with the video pieces which investigate your dual identity in the US and Singapore, both describe a psychological self-portrait—a theme that you can continue to open up and unpack in future semesters.

Artists to look at:

Sophie Calle (Freudian self-portraits)
Danica Phelps (diaristic cataloging)
Francis Alys (esp Saint piece, typologies)
RH Quaytman-referential seriality

Book to read:
John Bender and Michael Marrinan, The Culture of Diagram.”


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