How to Curate a Show in 24 Hours

As part of the Visual and Critical Studies Senior Open Studios this year, I launched a campaign (which mainly involved me badgering a bunch of higher-ups) to get some space for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years’ works. 24 hours before Open Studios was scheduled to begin, I finally received confirmation that I would get one of the classrooms. I immediately started messaging everyone I knew from my programme for artwork to put in the show.

Nevertheless, I was stuck in the unique situation of having too many artworks to give each artist adequate space, and too few artworks to make the classroom look really crowded. The subsequent “curating” involved me basically kidnapping any artwork that I could lay my hands on, including ones lying around in the studio – which meant a select few had a significant amount of work in the show, including someone who had about seven paintings. I aimed to create a Salon-style exhibition, i.e. throwing as much work as possible onto the walls and tables and hoping that everything works out.

Given the time frame, this obviously wasn’t the best show, but I’m glad that I managed to pull something together and give at least some of the people in my programme a chance to showcase their talent.

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*All artwork image rights belong to the respective artists.



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