From March 19 – April 9, selected artworks from students of my department (BFA Visual & Critical Studies at SVA) will be shown at the Monkey Bar Lounge, 217 East 23rd Street, in an exhibition entitled CLIMB. My infographic on The Waste Land, which I printed digitally at a whopping size of 36 x 48 inches, will be in the show. In addition, I designed the poster for the exhibition, which will be curated by Shannon Broder, a recent graduate of VCS and a good friend of mine. Based off of a simple blue-and-cream typographical design (which she requested), Shannon did a series of letterpress prints.

Here are some thumbnails of the five designs I came up with for her to choose from:

My switch to Futura and the realisation that the M looks like a mountain. This would be the final design.

And finally, a scan of the letterpress version (which looks much better in person when you can see the embossed effect):


  1. The letterpress version is my favourite, absolutely lovely! Brave and excellent use of colour too!

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  3. I love this poster Berny. Futura is really starting to grow on me.

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