Happy Birthday Roundup

The following posters are what I feel were the best ones that I had designed over the course of the semester. I won’t be taking the next half of that course since it isn’t required (it’s a shame because my instructor’s emails about what we’ll be doing next semester sound very exciting). Nevertheless, I really appreciate how this course has made me more experimental – although it has also highlighted to me that I should really embrace the part of myself that enjoys order, rationality, system, and so on. I’m glad I tackled the challenges of this course head on, and ultimately I earned the coveted A+ grade for it. I think it’s just the first step in pushing myself outside of certain self-imposed boundaries (this was probably more apparent in my video pieces for this class, which will be posted later this week).

This was one of my original text pieces. I made some of the text white so that the text would be more legible, but of course making it any more legible would spoil the effect of the poster. I had to compromise on communication for this one.

This one went through two big changes - adding more mounds of cake and more letters, and making the candle smaller. It really tested my vector skills (all done with a touchpad).

My last consultation included a long discussion on how to improve on the copy for this one. We didn't really get anywhere with the conversation, and perhaps the photo itself is stronger than any copy that I could write for it.

I worked on the photo composition to make the icing-on-toothbrush part more convincing. Frank thinks this would be great for a dental clinic/school party invite.

This has remained unchanged since the first time I designed it. Just very straightforward and minimalist.

Worked a little bit on making the background more neutral.

Again, the problem of communication comes up with this image. I don't think there's a way to show letters being cut in half and yet still allow them to be readable.

Another of my earlier ones


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