Untitled (Hangers)

I’ve already done a couple of posts on this project, but here are the final documentation images that I’ve only just managed to shoot. This sculpture assignment was based on the repetition of the form of an ordinary object (in this case, a hanger). My aim with this sculpture was to use abstract triangular forms to create something that looks glacial. This was helped by the whiteness of the wax (all the hanger shapes are fully wax, not real hangers coated in wax). I sliced the wax hangers into varying shapes and lengths, and used thin wire to secure them to a wax slab that I had bought. The effect was one of ordered chaos.

The process of making this sculpture was surprisingly enjoyable and therapeutic, which comes from the repetitive nature of the work. Rather than finding it boring, I actually find the “mindlessness” of it quite soothing, even as I was injuring myself by accidentally stabbing bits of wire into my fingers. It is very much in the vein of the work that I had made for PLACE – something very quiet, minimalist, but also intricate. This does have less of an emotional element (although the connection between the hanger and domesticity did come to mind). It was mostly an aesthetic endeavour.

Here are some more shots of the sculpture from other angles. The dirt on some of the hangers is clay from the mould that I couldn’t remove without damaging the work.


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