be late

I haven’t posted in a long while, and I’m probably going to go on hiatus until Christmas break. There’s just so much going on right now that I don’t have time to keep this blog updated. I’m looking forward to just one day of sitting in my room, creating a bunch of posts to complete the cycle of all my graphic design posters, my sculpture projects, and just general thought processes and plans for the next year.

As for now, all I have to give is this – changing up the copy for my graphic design class’s Happy Birthday project. This is a first draft, I made it shorter for the poster.

i pride myself on being good with dates. i still remember every important one in the time that you and me were – whatever we were. i remember for the both of us; numbers as memorials. i would look forward to any of those important dates just so i could feel sad, because i needed to know that there was something there to hold onto. even if it was just numbers.

then, last july, i forgot your birthday. or at least, i didn’t look forward to it. i didn’t feel bad – it’s not like you remembered, still remember or ever remembered mine.

i just knew, at that point, that it was the end.

happy belated birthday.


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