Anatomically Incorrect

Here are the final pictures for my sculpture of the brain. It was for a project that involved each person in class being randomly assigned one part of the body for a sculpture done mostly in paper. All our individual sculptures will then be put together. For this piece, I really just took the element of “crafting” and pushed it, using very feminine and colourful paper flora and also incorporating red thread as the “nerves”.

Sculpture has never been my element and doing this project revealed some of my own insecurities and underlying incompatibility with the medium. One of the most “disturbing” points was that I felt like I was doing things for the sake of salvaging the sculpture rather than for aesthetic purposes. With 2D work, all you have to worry about is how the image will appear on the surface, but with 3D work, you have to think more deeply and, well, spatially, about the engineering, materials, physics, etc. It’s difficult for me to plan that part of it, but also difficult for me to not be able to plan it. Hopefully, I will be able to discover some aspect of it that works for me by the end of the semester, and use it in future installation works.

And finally, here

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