Happy Birthday Versions 3.1 – 3.25

As you can see, this Happy Birthday thing is probably going to last the entire semester. I can already see myself improving, and honestly I’m surprised that I am still able to churn out designs even after doing 65. I’m particularly happy that Frank seemed to like this one a lot, and specifically went back to it even after I had finished showing all my 25 posters (usually he just makes positive comments as the posters go by).

Next week, we’re going to have to add a new element: photos of a cake (or cupcakes) and candles. I’m hoping this won’t distract me from the typographic elements.

Frank has also been getting us to do short “motion” videos – maximum 2 minute long still clips of some kind of movement or action. I’ll post the ones that I’ve done soon.



  1. i like this series the best! its more varied than the previous two. looks like you now have the option of being a typographic birthday card designer as a freelance job if you ned extra cash haha

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