I pause/In this garden

I had to do a public art project recently, and being somewhat adverse to human interaction, I wanted to do something that required the least amount of human contact as well as the smallest possibility of arrest possible. After running through many ideas in my head, all of which I was uncomfortable with, I eventually just decided to take a spool of red thread and a pair of scissors up to the Cloisters and just see what came to me. Unfortunately, on my second trip, I forgot to bring my memory card for my DSLR, so most of these photos were taken on my iPhone.

This project was inspired by British environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy, my art junior Tze Qing’s coursework, and serves as a continuation of my exploration of the medium of thread (and variants on the act of sewing) as a solution to the lack of emotion in my previous artwork. I was responding to nature in a very organic manner, which is very different from the usual mechanical way that I do my work. I walked for a few hours around the park and tried to create installations by winding thread around each plant/tree/creeper that caught my eye. For almost all the installations (11 in total), the only thing holding the installation together is the first double knot that I tied and however the thread catches the texture/structure of the plant.



  1. berny i really like this! can i use some images as inspiration for my design collection?


  2. I SEE IT 😀 Like!!

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