The following series was done for a drawing assignment. We were told to interview someone and produce 10 drawings to tell their story. I interviewed my uncle and my aunt about how the former was possessed by the spirit of my great-grandmother. I ended up creating 7 drawings (7 being the Hungry Ghost month in the lunar calendar), incorporating themes of loneliness, domesticity, morbidity, etc. I glued incense paper to watercolour paper, collaged on other types of incense paper and drawings done on tracing paper, and finally did some sewing in black/red/white thread.



  1. !!! Berny! I’ve been working with joss paper/incense sticks recently too! 😛

  2. jia cong

    hi berny, i’ve never been exposed to the idea of possession but i’ve always imagined an artwork about it to use the items you used! it’s really awesome seeing how you integrated all of them together… i really like this 🙂

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