Bite the Bullet

It seems I am always the one biting the bullet

It has happened so many times that I can never see it coming

Through cracked teeth I’m grin-and-bearing

Shots fire out of your mouth that you don’t think about

You just want them to hit any target, well I take the hard hits

Don’t you know? The shots keep ringing in between my ears


With everyone else I would fight it, but with you

I bite the bullet and I swallow it

And let it ricochet right off the insides of my ribcage, piercing

So I just taught myself to stop breathing and

To forgive you or forget you; but I’ll have you know

It’s hard when there’s metal lodged in your bones

Or swimming in your tummy with all the butterflies and white lies

But these are the bullets that I take for your sake

I know it shouldn’t be this way, say anything you want to say,

Just try to be more careful — okay?



  1. zixin

    rappiness is happiness

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