Degenerate Craft Fair

For the past few months I took up a sort of informal internship with the Degenerate Craft Fair, which was held a few weeks ago on the weekend of December 11-12. My Visual and Critical Studies senior Shannon took over the second installment of the fair from my drawing professor Amy Wilson. Other than helping out during the fair (which mostly involved setting up, doing my homework while the fair was going on, and then cleaning up), I did stuff like source for sponsors, send out press releases and pack goodie bags.


We were very happy with the turn-out this year at the very awesome DCTV Firehouse – 15 crates of beer gone in 2 hours on Saturday night, and people were lining up at the entrance on Sunday morning for the goodie bags IN SPITE OF THE RAIN. Anyway, maybe I’ll get into the mood for crafting next year and get my own booth. Other than that I would love to help out again!

Oh yes, and I did do a little booth design for the head of Visual and Critical Studies, Tom Huhn. People would pay him $1 to tell him a secret through a tin can telephone i.e. he would basically be their secret keeper:

All the photos are up on the Flickr page HERE.


Shannon featured this blog post in a book prepared for the VCS senior show!


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