Concerts in October

Just came back from the Two Door Cinema Club concert at Webster Hall (so fun – everyone was jumping up and down and the whole floor wash shaking such that I didn’t even have to try jumping because I was going up and down myself). Realised I forgot to put up the set list for The Temper Trap concert that I went to 3 weeks ago. So here are both set lists!

Two Door Cinema Club, October 21 2010, Webster Hall, NYC

Cigarettes In The Theatre
Undercover Martyn
Hands Off My Cash, Monty
Do You Want It All?
Something Good Can Work
[New Song]
This Is The Life
You’re Not Stubborn
Costume Party
What You Know
Eat That Up, It’s Good For You
Come Back Home
I Can Talk

The Temper Trap, October 1 2010, Terminal 5, NYC

Down River
Love Lost
Soldier On
Sweet Disposition
Drum Song
[New Song]
Science Of Fear

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