Pen + Ink

My adventures with walnut ink and a brush/pen have not been very fruitful thus far. I think my brain has been wired to think in terms of pencil only. It’s like I’m scared to put the ink on the paper for fear of not being able to remove it.

The only respectable study from the first model.

Homework assignment: view from my window. Rushed out in 1.5 hours, that's why it looks so unfinished and badly composed.



  1. yingzi

    i’m definitely with you on the “afraid to make a mistake with a pen” thing. but i found it so absolutely liberating after i got over that fear. maybe it’s the type of paper and ink pen you use too. i love the pilot fineliner. the tip is shaped such that by twisting/ angling it sideways/ changing the pressure applied, the lines have a lot more character and are more interesting and bold than a normal hb pencil.

    maybe you can try it too, before you jump into brush with ink, which i think is harder to control. the fineliner can be like a kinda bridge between pencil and brush/ ink (:

    • Berny

      thanks for your recommendations 🙂 i might consider that after i get more familiar with the medium. this is all for drawing class so i’m just working with whatever materials were suggested for us.

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