So, first concert in New York City. Certain mishaps along the way (enforced coat check for my DSLR even with the harmless 50 mm lens, getting mistaken for employees and walking into the venue from the service entrance, really big guys standing in front of me and Flora, etc.). BUT IT WAS AWESOME. OVERWHELMING. CATHARTIC. MAGICAL (says Flora). Even on my second time watching them live! We were right up near the stage and Flora even managed to pick up one of the many roses that they throw into the audience during the show for me. I love them so much more now, if that’s even possible. Favourite band ever. End of story. Set list below (23 SONGS!!!!!):

He Dreams He’s Awake
Elevator Love Letter
The Passenger
Wasted Daylight
Time Can Never Kill The True Heart
Bitches in Tokyo
The Comeback
Ageless Beauty (acoustic)
The Woods
Dead Hearts
Take Me To The Riot
We Don’t Want Your Body
Set Yourself On Fire
How Much More
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
One More Night
Celebration Guns
I Died So I Could Haunt You
Midnight Coward

Check out a video of ‘Your Ex-Lover Is Dead’ here:


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