So as some of you may know, I’m current interning at a curatorial company and my boss has very kindly allowed me to organise this event that will be happening in the 2nd week of June. Basically, I’m trying to get artworks from 36 young artists and put them up in an art ballot so regular folk can pay for a $48 piece of paper that guarantees them one work. When we do the balloting, the earlier the number gets called, the more works the “buyer” gets to pick from. Anyway you can read more details here. (And if anyone wants to participate we still need more entries!)

Since I’m the only one working in the company besides my boss now, I have to do the designing. Here’s the evolution of the 12x graphic (as of 8 May 2010):

I needed something and I needed it quick.

My current obsession with thin diagonal lines underneath white text.

First trial of the formal elements of a cluttered salon-style display of paintings. This is the graphic I'm currently using.

Merging of the last two ideas.

Tried a simplified version of the 3rd one but it didn't really work out.


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