Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth

Boonping and I watched IMOGEN HEAP yesterday and it was beyond amazing. In pragmatic terms, it has got to be one of the most value-for-money concerts ever, because whatever you hear on the album is definitely not what you hear during the concert. The sheer diversity of sounds and musical approaches that she has in her repertoire allows her to tackle any song she wants from any direction, be it a simple piano accompaniment or an all-out rock anthem. Plus she uses an eclectic array of instruments – bells, the looped sound of a cello bow across the blade of a saw, a toy bird that tweets, general debris from outer space, and the deliberate use of ONLY the audience as her backing vocals (and no other instruments). Oh, and did I mention that for Just For Now, she deliberately used ONLY the audience as her backing vocals and no other instruments (other than her own voice)? It was like a 1,500-strong choir in the Esplanade Concert Hall.

To top it all off, she talks to the audience in between every song, telling us stories about the songs (like how one song was literally inspired by a guy who was not supposed to eat a chocolate biscuit for health reasons but did it anyway), expressing her fascination with Singlish phrases e.g. “talk cock sing song”, and saying “This is my last song” complete with air quotes before her encore. In conclusion: IMOGEN HEAP IS A CREATIVE GENIUS AND ALL-AROUND KICK-ASS AWESOME HUMAN BEING. And her set was pretty. The end.

More photos here. Videos will be posted on Facebook tonight!

Here’s the set list:

First Train Home
Wait It Out
Between Sheets
Bad Body Double
Speeding Cars
Little Bird
Let Go (Frou Frou)
The Fire
The Walk

Hide And Seek
Just For Now
The Moment I Said It


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