The Forgotten

Found out about this photography competition from Josh. It’s organised by some students from SMU for tertiary students but they got a bit desperate. Anyway since I had suitable photos I submitted these 3; plus I’ve been wanting to get off my ass and try giving my photos a bit more of a vintage feel. The theme was ‘The Forgotten’ (referring to the peripheral members of society such as foreign workers or the poor, but it can be interpreted metaphorically of course).

The yellow rubber boots are symbolic of the construction site, a place synonymous with most foreign workers. This aging boot was found lying amidst the rubble in Kranji.

These broken household appliances were found at an old estate in Kampong Bahru, home to foreign workers and the poor, making the image of abandonment all the more poignant.

A shabbily-dressed man stands with his bicycle outside this decomposing house on Mackenzie Drive - a home forgotten along with the people who lived in it.

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