The Future~~~

A few of us went to visit Mr Chia for CNY, and since I missed last year’s tarot card reading session by Psychic Chia, I demanded that I have my turn (which unfortunately sparked off a never ending succession of readings that crippled Psychic Chia’s abilities). Anyway I thought it was quite accurate.

My question (which I had to concentrate on while shuffling the cards) was: What will my social life be like when I go to SVA?

1. The Fool. This represents me embarking on a journey (fool i.e. innocent, pure, untested). I am walking towards a sunrise which represents hope and new beginnings.

2. Knight of Wands. This refers to my question. The wands refer to creative energy. It suggests that I’ll be surrounded by/pursue creative strength and enthusiasm.

3. Judgement. This is my immediate past. I have recently encountered issues that are very dark and that I was afraid of confronting. But the card suggests that I have already put these issues to rest and will be leaving this dark place.

4. Queen of Wands. This is my immediate future. The queen represents female strength, and again the wands represent creativity. I will be in control of my self, my life, my work etc.

5. Eight of Cups. This is the atmosphere. Cups represent emotion, and eight (on a scale of one to ten) is how much emotion contained in the “air” that surrounds me. It suggests that my social life won’t be filled with a lot of partying etc, although I will have friends. Again there is the imagery of a female figure descending stairs, which suggests that there is an undercurrent of darkness (i.e. I’m very emo).

6. Three of Wands. This is the ground/reality. It shows me receiving a crown. Yet again the wands appear. So what is going on is I will be taking on creative endeavours that I will be successful in. Three is the second-best number after 10, which bodes well.

7. Ace of Swords. This is my view of myself. I appear as Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, therefore I view myself as very rational and intellectual. The sword cuts both ways, so I am objective in my thoughts.

8. Three of Cups. This is what other people view me as. I am very easily affected by my emotions (this is quite obvious, I’m not oblivious to this).

9. The World. This represents my hopes and fears – what I desire the most, which is also what I am most afraid of. I am very ambitious and I want to have everything, hence the appearance of Sword (Intellect), Cup (Emotion), Wand (Creativity) and Pentacle (Money).

10. Seven of Pentacles. This is the conclusion/answer. The card shows me receiving reward (as opposed to the Five/Six of Pentacles, where I am shown begging and toiling). Basically, whatever I work hard for, I will definitely be rewarded proportionately.



  1. mildred

    wah so accurate! there’s a gypsy fortune teller in covent garden that i wanna go to but havent had a chance to!

    • Berny

      i told my mother. the first thing she said was: don’t be affected by this kind of thing -_-

      but whatever came out is a lot of stuff that’s more of my personality than my future.

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