STAMP is here again – that design-a-postbox competition – and I just came back from speedwalking to the postbox so that they’ll send it in by the deadline, which is tomorrow. They said to post it by 5 pm for it to be sent by the next working day, and according to my phone I slotted it in at 5:04 pm, so unless the postman is a dick who came at 4.55 pm or he’s Flash Gordon and collected all the mail in the 4 minutes prior to my arrival, I think it should be safe. I put 2 local stamps just in case… Better get there. Then again, that doesn’t guarantee a spot in the Top 40 designs.

Anyway, Ge was supposed to be on the team with me because she’s so awesome at graphic design and also I need someone to start painting on the first of the 3 painting Sundays (14th March) if the design gets picked since I’ll be in London until the next Saturday. But she’s been so busy with her job and with Brain Removal (I’m so nice, got free advertisement here lol) that she’s only been able to give me some suggestions via email based on this draft graphic that I did:

Yep it’s a person riding a horse. This year’s STAMP is in conjunction with the Youth Olympic Games and we picked the Kranji MRT postbox which is near Turf Club, hence the horse theme. Ge suggested doing different poses of the horses, and anyway the graphic above was way too complex to fit nicely on the postbox, so I went to search for one of Eadweard Muybridge’s horse-in-motion photographs and rendered it in 8-bit style.

Sequence of Horse Jumping (Daisy)

And so, with a little more inspiration from those stripey show jumping railings, this is the final design (click for larger version):

Situated behind Kranji MRT, the Singapore Turf Club is one of the most prominent structures in an area filled mostly with industrial sites and farms. This design chooses to draw inspiration from the venue for the YOG Equestrian show jumping events by reinventing Eadweard Muybridge's "Sequence of Horse Jumping (Daisy)". As the first person to use multiple cameras to capture motion, we see a parallel between his innovative spirit and the athletic efforts of the YOG participants. Our style is a combination of 8-bit video graphics and graph paper, further tying the design to the concept of youth and play.



  1. ge

    oh bobo. i just saw this haha! aiyah, so annoying that it has to be hand-painted. 😡 i do think you should submit for threadless though!

    • Berny

      bobo?! is that my new nickname HAHA. yeah ok i will submit but now i have started work and i’m swamped (you know how it is) and i’m going to london and shuli is getting me to buy hello panda for jane hahahhaa. so i will get there hopefully.

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