Bing's 20th birthday present!

I got my inspiration for this from one of those interior design shows. The guy re-used vinyl records by spray painting them gold and splashing colourful paint on them before hanging them up on the wall. So I decided that since Bing loves music and buys so many CDs I would do my own interpretation of that idea. Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Grab hold of old CD-Rs/DVD-Rs. In this case I used about 8 to get the most surface area out of the frame that I bought from IKEA.
  2. Spray paint the CDs using funky colours. I used pink, blue, orange, yellow, and lime green. The paint stays on best on the underside (i.e. the side that records all the information).
  3. Position them properly and then drizzle (white) acrylic paint all over them to make the overall look more dynamic. I squeezed it right out of a big bottle of paint I had at home so there were a lot of parts that got lumpy. Preferably you should let it dry for a few days if that happens but I couldn’t be bothered so I air-dried it for 24 hours and dumped it in the frame.
  4. Cut out stencils of the letters you want to use. I printed out 500-point Helvetica letters.
  5. Place the stencils over the CDs and spray paint over it with a dark colour. This creates a better contrast with the non-exposed areas (i.e. the letters) and also picks out the texture of the drizzled paint.
  6. Stick it firmly to a board and frame it. Preferably you should have a distance between the glass/plastic and the base. I used foam tape to separate the plastic and the board because I didn’t want the not-so-dry acrylic paint to get all squished. Or you could always leave it exposed if you’re going to frame it straight away.

Yup so that’s Bing’s present. I also did a simple book of photographs for Ben and I posted all the pages on Facebook in case anyone wants to see them. It will cause some embarrassment to him but technically all the photos can be found somewhere on Facebook already so… too bad. Haha.


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