Dear Berny,

These are your New Year’s resolutions. It’s 5 days late, but that’s okay. Anyway, as Ben Gibbard sings, “So this is the new year/And I don’t feel any different” (can’t continue because the rest of the song says “I have no resolutions”). As resolutions go, these are more guidelines than anything – so there won’t be regrets, or broken promises.

  1. Bake more. And learn how to cook more of Grandma’s dishes (make a scrapbook or recipe book even).
  2. Skype more! Because no one’s coming back for a long time and it’s nice to see their faces. Don’t be afraid of having nothing to say. Sometimes it’s just nice, albeit creepy, to have someone’s face hanging around the corner of your screen.
  3. Make more effort to meet up with your friends who are still in Singapore.
  4. Get at least one internship, and if it’s not paid, then one paid job in addition.
  5. Read more often! And try not to buy books based on their covers.
  6. Read up on Buddhism (philosophically, first).
  7. Learn more about different photography techniques.
  8. Do that “square” project you started.
  9. And speaking of art projects, try and use more of the art materials in your drawer, like that small lino plate and the Chinese calligraphy paper you bought on impulse.
  10. If you can’t move on, at least let go. You know you’re starting to. (Don’t worry that you’ll have nothing to write about.)

10 is a good number. And it’ll restrict any additional idealism and cheesiness. The fact that this is in a letter form is already goosebump-inducing.


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