Yes, I am selling my photos (and Benedict’s)

My mum needed something extra for Bizarre Bazaar this weekend so we quickly got some photos together (mine and Ben’s) to print as postcard-y things. I sold one of my black-and-white one to Arun and some random person bought my Holga photos.


SO ANYWAY. Since there are loads left over, I will be selling them here! So if you live in Singapore or would like me to pass them to you when you return to Singapore for the Christmas holidays, please leave a comment with your name and the series you like! Uh I’m not expecting orders from people I don’t know but I guess I’ll let you know the payment method and collection/postage details?!?! Hahahaha. It’s $10 for each set (it’s art, it can be expensive).

Oh, all proceeds will go to TheatreWorks, since Bizarre Bazaar was for their fundraising.

*Note: As the printing was slightly dark, certain details may not be as clear.

Series #1: Night Lights by Benedict (Set of 3), approximately 21 x 9.9 cm each


Series #2: Sub-Urban by Me (Set of 5), approximately 14.85 x 10.5 cm each

See the pictures here.

Series #3: Untitled by Me (Set of 4), approximately 14.85 x 10.5 cm each



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