Went down to school today to start on the collograph print that I’m going to do for the GOH of the TACTILE Exhibition (oh, website should be up and running soon, will do a post on it of course). But I forgot to bring some stuff and I had a stressful morning so I was in a bad mood. And it didn’t help that all the J1s were making unnecessary amounts of high-pitched annoying drawn-out excited whines (yes, they manage to put all those adjectives together with one very painful sound). But anyway I spent a few hours cutting out these shapes using the measurements for my 1.5-year-old collograph stencils:


Ok that’s not the final composition obviously but I managed to decide what to do and I had to prep the plates for the next time I come down to do the pasting etc. Instead of using the expensive gloss medium, Mrs Toh told me to use shellac, which actually can make normal mounting board look a LOT like wood:


After the juniors’ art exhibition open house, Yongfeng, Ben and I went to Long House to eat satay (I had cravings D:). This has nothing to do with art, but did you know that you get this really gross mouldy-frozen-vomit effect when you mix peanut sauce and ice and other random leftovers? (Yongfeng started it!!)



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