Let Me Sleep Forever

Let me sleep forever —
No, not in the sense of death.
But for me to believe that we could live eternally.

We would never grow old,
We would never change…
We would always be happy.

Frozen in the warmth of eighteen.

Let me sleep forever —
So I can live within a dream,
Within the reality I thought we shared.

As irrational as it may be,
At least I don’t have to open my eyes
To realise that there’s nothing to see.

You’re no longer right beside me.

Let me sleep forever —
Not waking up is the only way
For me to love you; and you, me.



  1. mildred

    nice. very nice. everytime i dream i am torn between wanting it to go on forever and wanting to wake up because it hurts so much that dreaming is the only way i can actually see/talk to someone.

    haha i guess the quote from lolita is apt here: “And this is the only immortality you and I may share, my Lolita.”

    • Berny

      i think it’s more of a traditional style than i usually write. i dunno i think having themes of like an eternal dream/death state naturally leads you to composing something more traditionally lyrical.

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