This Life is Lived in Perfect Symmetry

I went for Keane’s concert last night all by my lonesome self but it was AWESOME. EVERYONE KNEW ALL THE WORDS TO ALL THE SONGS! And Tom was so impressed that he let the audience sing the entire first verse of Somewhere Only We Know by ourselves. Speaking of Tom, his voice is so gorgeous and perfect. And I took lots of awesome photos (until I was finally caught by the angry angmoh bouncer dude with a laser pointer, but that was near the end).


See the photos I posted on Facebook HERE!

Here’s the setlist (the last part may be slightly wrong, I accidentally deleted the final setlist from my phone so I had to use my memory):

The Lovers Are Losing
Everybody’s Changing
Bend And Break
We Might As Well Be Strangers
Again And Again
This Is The Last Time
Your Eyes Open (Acoustic)
Try Again
You Haven’t Told Me Anything
Leaving So Soon?
Nothing In My Way
You Don’t See Me
Perfect Symmetry
Somewhere Only We Know
Crystal Ball
Is It Any Wonder?
Under Pressure (Queen + David Bowie)



  1. mildred

    i think i would have died if i saw them sing somewhere only we know live. sigh it is such an awesome song.

    • Berny

      eh i actually had the entire first album playing in the background during one of the important heartbreaking events of my existence.

      HAHA thinking back that was really so weird. then when the 2nd album played we suddenly stopped and talked about how we didn’t like the 2nd album as much as the first -_-

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