Now that the UOB Painting of the Year results have been announced and I didn’t win anything (duh, Open category?!?!) and I’ve gotten my photos back, I can post my series here. This is the write-up:

When one thinks of an urban environment, one imagines the gleaming skyscrapers of a modern city, much like the recognisable skyline of Singapore’s Central Business District. One would never recall what is unfinished, industrial, unsightly, old, or abandoned – a construction site, wooden crates, graffiti, peeling walls, and a derelict bus stop. Yet, they are present all around us, and have their own unique “architectural” elements. This series of black-and-white digital photographs seeks to highlight the dynamic lines, forms and textures of scenes that lie on the perimeters of urban Singapore. Each one speaks of ongoing or impending decay, demolition and disfiguration; the poignant deconstruction of construction.







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