Yesterday Pok and I went on one of our art-y trips again. I brought her to Old School to see the Found and Lost exhibition at Osage (my third time), and we went down to 2902 Gallery to see the Celluloid/Spiders/Portraits exhibition of gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos from Fighting Spiders. At the back of the gallery they had a few FANTASMAGORISTICULOUS S$2800 photos of urban environments, and it seemed that the artist had taken the same photo and digitally rotated it 90° each time to get a awesome pattern of lights and architecture.

We saw her work again at the Singapore Art Museum’s transportASIAN exhibition, but it was only later when we were on the curator’s tour that we realised that SHE TOOK EVERYTHING WITH A FILM CAMERA, LONG EXPOSURE TIME AND MULTIPLE EXPOSURE ON ONE FRAME. IS THAT CRAZYBEAUTINSANITY OR WHAT. IT’S MAKING ME MAKE UP WORDS AND CHANGE THEIR COLOUR.

Anyway, Pok confirmed that it was the same artist in both galleries, so I went to Google her (Mintio) and I found her Flickr. The photos below are from her series Concrete Euphoria, which was the 2902 one. I pulled out all the HDB flat ones as a taster, because I think if I had pursued my original coursework direction I would have died happy if I had created something like these:

HDB #1

HDB #2

HDB #3

But I think her photographs of traffic (the Conveyance series at SAM) would appeal to more people, because they are so PRETTY. BENEDICT TAY!!!! You must go see this set of works because you will die of shame. Good art makes people die of shame. In fact, everyone should go to the transportASIAN exhibition, it is so damnvomitbloodgood and you will realise the photography is a great medium and you will have long intellectual conversations about photography like me and Pok. Maybe not the last part. But it is nice. To end off, this is my favourite from Conveyance:

Traffic Jam Bangkok

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