Blog Updates

HELLO WORLD! It is a happy day because I passed my driving test and I’m trying not to think about tomorrow.

Moving on… I am taking to my blog to update you on my OTHER blogs! Yes I have finally updated the [De]construction Site for the first time in almost 3 months! So go take a look to see what you can look forward to in our next issue 😀

And… I am now moderating the WordPress blog for the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition, and the privileged readers of this blog shall find out first! Yes, all 3 of you! It is extremely simple because I’m just NOT an HTML person but for now, whatever does the job for free works. I scheduled the first post to go out at 12 am so if all goes well, it should be there.

Now I shall go edit the exhibition review for the newsletter…



  1. l0n3r

    you only got 3 readers?!

  2. Berny

    there is this thing. dunno if you know abt it. it’s called humility.

  3. l0n3r

    haha i thot the entire art class would read ur blog. =D

  4. Berny

    some of them don’t even know it exists 😦

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