This is me flipping you off

Crush it. Throw it down on the ground and
STAMP as hard as you bloody well can.
Squeeze it or smother it till it suffocates,
Or chop it in half with a swift hack.
Give it an overdose. Give it a noose.
With your gun in hand, pull the trigger –
I’ll set up the target for you.
Poison it with some illegal substance
Let it get run over by a car
I’ll let you do anything to it, as long as it’s

Or if you’re too smart for all of that – Expeditious.

Stop trying to caress it indifferently, nevertheless,
Like you don’t want to be blamed for its demise.
Stop pretending you’re not the executioner,
Stop pretending it’s being euthanised.
Stop chiselling at it meticulously,
Bit by bit by crumbling bit.
Stop mutilating it with shallow wounds
That it can only bleed from, nothing more.
Stop the flagellation, the waterboarding,
The solitary confinement that’s letting it die of loneliness.

But you can’t seem to. I can’t seem to.
We’ve been dragging this on for too long.
Don’t hide behind your bullshit excuses,
And your weak attempts at concern:
Admit that you’re ashamed of me.
Admit that all that happened was wrong.

Fuck – it’s my heart. I’ll kill it’s memory of you,
Or kill it with my bare hands if I have to.

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