My Dream House

On Saturday I went around taking pictures of old houses – well, I was supposed to walk as exercise but my mum insisted on driving me everywhere. Anyway, I found my dream house on Mt Emily! It is completely dilapitated and partially collapsed and covered with overgrown plants but if it were conserved properly with all the nice tiles and wood ($$$$) it would so gorgeous. My mum talked about how it would be nice to let the kids run around in the garden.


However, the only information I managed to find on it is from the blog of some random ghostbusting people who said that it may have been the site of a murder. But Mt Emily is supposed to be haunted by pontianaks and the spirits of people who’ve drowned in the old swimming pool. So it’s not like you’d expect anything else from that place.


Also, I guess I love it because of its run-down chaotic beauty, the way the walls have aged and the wood has fallen and the paint has peeled… there’s so much richness in its texture. It’s so mysterious, like it’s trying to tell a story but it has no words, and that’s what makes it so alluring. If it was conserved ($$$$) all that would be gone. Ah, sacrifices.

Oh, and click the photograph below to get to my Facebook photo album containing the best photographs from that day!


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