Our Place


It’s been too long since we returned to our place,
And I don’t know if you will ever find the time.
(I guess I know it’s not ours, but mine alone.)

I hope you still remember our place,
I hope it comes back to you like it does to me,
The bits and pieces of it at least.
It’s where we learnt from each other, about each other,
Where we ate our unhealthy instant meals,
Where we stayed till 8 pm, 9pm, 10 pm… 3 am.
It’s where we used to sit together, just with each other,
Where we talked of everything but us,
Where we walked in silence towards separation.

I feel like you’ve forgotten our place,
Or maybe it never existed for you at all.
Maybe I can make you remember:
It’s where we go when we share a secret smile,
From those inside jokes that makes us think of each other first;
Where realisations of saying/thinking the same thing at the same time reside.
It’s even where we go to avoid each other’s eyes,
Because of an awkward moment or some inexplicable anger;
Where we make the mutual decision to let everything slide.

Our place holds every memory we’ve ever had –
You’re always so far away that I keep returning solo.
(I know because it’s always empty when I go.)

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