Candid Queen

Mr Chia took this photo with my DSLR at dinner today, and it just screamed PHOTO (SH)OP to me. Did a black-and-white version and a super-saturated blue-ish-toned version for comparative purposes. Which one does everyone like better?





  1. l0n3r

    BLACK and WHITE! haha wat contrasting expressions. XD

  2. lorraine

    the green thing in the colour one is very annoying

  3. zixin

    increase the blueness in the second one a bit more and i think it’ll win. haha and i think i better start yoga sessions with yen soon, my arms are getting srsly flabby.

  4. Berny

    i knew you would like the blue one haha. but really it looks a bit too weird with more blue.

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