HDB Mystery

This isn’t really something arty, but when I went around Bukit Batok today to take photos of HDB flats (yes I’m still stuck on that) I discovered this secret place. It’s at the top floor of this block of flats near the interchange:

dsc_03071Anyway I walk into the lift – my usual routine is to take the lift up to the top floor and walk down the stairs – and the “top floor” says “17 – VIP Lobby”. My initial obedient reaction was to press the next button, 15. But I walk up the stairs when I get to the 15th floor and find that the gate to the 17th floor is unlocked. So, fine, I walk up. There’s another gate that’s locked this time but when I peek in I see this:

dsc_0330It appears to be some kind of HDB-themed mural. It’s pretty massive but it was a weird angle and my DSLR isn’t exactly designed to fit through grilles and take photos. Somehow I was pretty creeped out by the whole thing, the way it was locked up and in bad condition, and how I couldn’t really see what else was behind the gate… Can’t really find anything online about HDB “VIP lobbies”, but my mum’s theory is that it was for when foreign visitors were to be shown examples of HDB New Towns.

I did try pressing the button when I got back into the lift but it wouldn’t light up. I wonder if anyone ever goes up there anymore…



  1. There’s one in Bedok too.

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