The spoons picture was Poladroid-ed but this photo and the coming one were straight from my HOLGA! So no photoshopping involved 🙂 Other than to put in my random lines of course. I posted my other Holga photos on my Facebook.



  1. mildred

    haha this photo reminds me of one looking up to heaven and asking for something. for the unattainable future i guess. and the irrecoverable past.

  2. Berny

    well you know i’m not really the heaven sort of person.

    this was just something that was part of my past, that’s all. something that’s part of my past but is still in my present. and thus reminds me of the “unattainable future”.

  3. mildred

    this post secret v.sad. sigh.

  4. Berny

    wow i had one of those “how i wish i had said that first because that’s totally my life” moments until i realised the person spelt “worst” wrong.

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