Sometimes something too often said is said because it’s true

Love may be the biggest contradiction of all.

It can make you fly so high, even though you’ve fallen so far. It can make life so fulfilling, even though sometimes it’s a living hell. It can make you feel like you can deal, even though anything he does makes you weak. It can make you fall for him every single time, even though most of those times he breaks your heart.

He’s the one you always want to see, and the one you never want to meet. The one you’ve always yearned to know, and the one you regret knowing the most. The one who lets you be more you and more than you, and the one that can diminish you and deplete you. The one who always seems to understand, and the one to which you can never say what you really want to say (so, so, bad).

You could love someone with all your heart, and somehow hate him with the very same – hate him for giving you the knowledge that heaven lies in the arms that will never embrace you, hate him for reminding you that your importance is only a fraction of the whole, hate him for being better and worse and never ever perfect even if you know it and feel it and want it and need it.

And, what confirms it as the biggest contradiction of all is this: that you’ve finally met someone that you would give your everything for, but you can never love him unconditionally.

Because the condition is for him to love you back. And he just… can’t.

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