Morbid Cheese

So I’m losing my BrainKids virginity with an emo poem – surprise surprise! It’s not really reflective of my life right now (I think…) but the phrases somehow got into my head as I was listening to one of Fall Out Boy’s songs on Folie A Deux. And I had to do something to pass the time while I was locked out of the house. I think it’s very cheesy despite its references – hence the title of the post.

can you stop the cremation of
taxidermised puppy love?
can you hold memory’s last breath
to live on long enough?
can you admit there was no life
although you mourn love’s death?
can you still offer all your heart
to all those remnants left?
the mind asks, no, demands of us,
of deafened hearts it seems,
for we can only cry the tears
of decomposing dreams.


  1. mildred

    virginity is best lost 😛

    and haha i’m honoured you lost it to a poem dedicated to me 🙂

    • Berny

      well the dedication was meant to be private in case you felt weird but you know. since you announced it.

      it does make it sound like you’re my person though.

      i’ve decided to say “my person”.

  2. mildred

    haha. our “persons” will sadly never know. 😦 our private hell never seemed so devoid of love. sighhhh. this is gut-wrenching. 😦 booo.

  3. Berny

    what happened to not being emo-dramatic. i’ve resolved to not do the self-pity thing. it’s so uncool if not channeled to creative purposes.

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